If you dont find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. – Warren Buffett

If you are trying to make a fortune through risking your hard earned money on the currency or stock markets, then you must stop doing it. Why? There are some others who make money when you risk and lose your money….More

For all of you traders out there, you may want to beware of insider trading. In case you werent aware, there are unscrupulous traders out there who buy or sell stocks, securities and currencies based on non-public information they have…More

Investing is a great thing and a very useful skill to possess. If youre lucky, you can make thousands of dollars in a matter of years. In order for that to happen, you need lots of knowledge and experience and…More

Blockchain Technology and How It Improves Your Business

What is Blockchain technology? Is it the same as Bitcoin? Actually, it is not. Later, we will see the differences. But, Bitcoin is what most people know. Why is this so? Well, something interesting is happening. It seems as if…More

The science of automated trading is called algorithmic trading. It is also known as algo-trading or black-box trading. In this process, computer programs define the direction of trade. The fundamental principle driving this trade is speed and frequency. The profit…More

The term, systematic trading refers to a unique trading approach. Essentially, it is a mechanical kind of trading sans emotions. Perhaps that is the reason why it is also known as mechanical trading. It is a form of trading that…More

Thanks to Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank, microfinancing is a household term. In many developing nations, microfinance has opened up brand new channels of funding. It is, in fact, a lifeline for low income and many unemployed people across…More

Multibagger Stocks and Whether You Should Invest in Them

Multibagger stocks come across as the new buzzword in investment parlance. You may be looking at creating long-term portfolios or concentrating on short-term gains, this works both ways. Often for those who want to make a lot of profit in…More

Whether you like it or not, you cannot deny millennial investing trends. Especially the severe slump in the markets post 2008 crisis literally remolded the millennial investing format. Investing parameters changed and a new normal replaced the old order. It…More

Why Gold Is Valuable? [What Investors Must Know]

There are elements on earth that are rarer. However, gold, although not the rares, remains one of the most valuable elements on earth. This feature has made gold a store of value for thousands of years. In fact, gold remains…More

Investing for teens is a pretty modern concept, but it is catching up soon. Increasingly you see more financially prudent teenagers today. Gone are the days when they were only earning in summer vacations. There are many ways that teenagers…More

The Best Online Work from Home Jobs in Canada

If you analyze the scope and opportunity of various markets and countries, you would realize that the genres for work from home remain pretty much similar across the world. Invariably, these are the kinds of jobs that can be done…More

The Genesis Investing System has taken the investment world by storm. It has undeniably taken crowdfunding initiatives to an absolute new high. Genesis Investing is essentially a training and academic platform. It teaches interested players how they can invest in…More

If you are keen to know on investing in stocks, it is imperative to know the basics. If you are not aware of the basics of investing in stocks, it can rather be a challenging task. All the live market…More

Investing in utilities is always a debatable matter. There are some who believe that investing in these can yield best long-term results. But many others feel there are many reasons for not investing in utilities. In fact, the utility sector…More

The Robinhood investing app is undeniably one of the most talked about investment platforms. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, it has something to offer for everyone. Perhaps the most talked about feature is the zero commission per trade….More

The market today is full of investing apps promising you the moon. There are some that waive off investment fees and many that help you invest on the go. The list of opportunities is unlimited. Almost every app is in…More

Is Merrill Edge Guided Investing (MEGI) the Right Choice for You?

The Merrill Edge Guided Investing is one of the newest robo-advisors on the bloc. Better known as MEGI, this robo-advisor is launched by the Merrill Group in 2017. Whats really special about this robo-advisor is both the rate and the…More

Make the trend your friend is perhaps one of the most common investment advice. The trend, in fact, plays a very important role in financial investment. You can either follow the trend or buck the trend. No wonder trend investing…More

Investing in Stocks with Little Money in 7 Steps

Often people yield low benefits by investing in stocks with little money. It is true that stock trading always delivers higher margin on a larger portfolio. But it is not exactly impossible to invest in a lower scale. Of course,…More

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Blockchain Technology and How It Improves Your Business

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