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Forex Brokers for US traders (accepting US clients)

Below you will find a list of Forex Brokers accepting US traders as clients. Due to the strict and complicated regulatory environment, it became quite a challenge for FX companies to operate in the US. To make it worse, thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act and the Memorandum of Understanding, many licensed Forex Brokers all over the world stopped accepting US clients. Still, there are some offshore countries where local authorities havent yet imposed the restrictions. Unfortunately, most unchained brokers are not regulated, although thats exactly the reason why theres an opportunity to open a trading account with them. Notable benefits of going offshore: no hedging prohibition, no FIFO rule application and trading leverage is much higher.

Forex trading imposes a high level of risks and is not suited for all traders and investors. As much as trading on foreign exchange markets may be potentialy profitable, it can also lead to significant losses. Ensure that you have enough trading experience, knowledge and full comprehension of potential risks involved. Most derivative contracts have high leverage and low margin requirements. Hence, rapid price movements may inflict serious financial damage or even devastate your entire trading account.