Top 10 Best ECN STP Forex Brokers List 2019 (Non Dealing Desk)

Over the years we have often noted that there is great confusion about the orders execution models used by forex brokers.

ECN STP DMA Dealing or Non Dealing Desk Market Maker

Understanding all the differences is not that easy, especially for the beginner.

With our Top 10 list, we have tried to simplify things a little bit.

TheECN brokers(Electronic Communication Network), theSTP(Straight Through Processing) andDMA(Direct Market Access) can be grouped in the great family ofNDD brokers, No Dealing Desk, opposed to theMarket Maker brokers, which are dealing desk.

Many users search fortrue ECN STP brokersbecause they dont want the broker to be the counterpart of their orders, in other words, they do not want to have conflicts of interest where the broker might hope for your losses, that for him would mean gains, being him the counterpart.

From our experience, when people search for thebest ECN STP brokers, in essence they are looking for a Non Dealing Desk broker, without really knowing what the difference between ECN and STP are.

With a STP ECN broker youre choosing a broker that will not be the counterpart of your orders, but that will simply work to find another counterpart to satisfy it. Basically, an ECN STP broker will not be interested in the success (or failure) of your operations, but he will only act as an intermediary in order to satisfy them.

Among the various execution models, the differences perceived, on the user side, actually are really low, especially for those who simply want to do forex trading with no particular operational needs.

However, the major point of any NDD broker is certainly thespread, usually lower (sometimes even zero) than the Market Maker one, and the ability to operate at extremespeed, even in scalping mode.

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A relatively young broker, operating since 2010, it has quickly become one of Australias best forex brokers (with many awards confirming this), highly appreciated by Asian traders and investors.Pepperstoneis one of the few forex brokers to offer, in addition to the access to an ECN, a DMA (Direct Market Access) execution.

The most famous NDD Forex broker is for sure FxPro, english broker, very famous all over the world, winner of several awards over the years, in particular for the quality of executions, innovation and platforms. In recent years, FxPro has invested heavily in technology development to allow the traders to automate their strategies (cAlgo Algorithmic Trading, FxPro Library, FxPro Quant Strategy Builder and FxPro VPS)

Voted by World Finance as Best Broker for Asia in 2012, HotForex is one of the new brokers which are having great success, considering it has been operating since 2010.HotForexhas always focused on providing the best possible service for small beginner traders, who operate with small volumes. With HotForex you have a variety of platforms and, above all, 6 types of accounts to choose from (Micro, Premium, Zero, Fixed, VIP, Auto)

One of the largest, if not the largest Swiss forex broker. Dukascopy Bank SA is, in effect, a bank more than a broker, so much so that it is regulated as such. Through the Dukascopy platforms you can access one of the largest ECN pools in the world, the Swiss Foreign Exchange Marketplace, where banks, hedge funds, institutional funds and large investors participate.

Roboforex is a large broker, originally from New Zealand, but divided into two main branches, one for Asia and Southeast Asia, one for Europe. The European part is in fact based in Cyprus. Roboforex is one of the forex brokers offering the chance to start with a cent account, ideal for those who are in the early stages and want to start with very small sum, keeping the risks as low as possible. In this case, however, its a dealing desk execution. For the other accounts, instead, an excellent STP ECN system is provided.

Russian broker, but later transferred to London, Admiral Markets is another ECN/STP forex broker, winner of several awards during his career, which began in 2001. Admiral Markets is renowned for its highly advanced analysis tools, with which traders can study every aspect of markets and prices to improve their trading performance.

The forex Broker LCG, i.e. London Capital Group, is part of a holding company operating since 1996. With LCG there is no minimum deposit required to open a trading account, however, to access the ECN technology you need to keep at least $ 10,000 on your account .

ActivTrade began as a Swiss forex broker in 2001, before moving to London in 2005. ActivTrade is very active mainly in Italy, where he also received an award for best forex broker in 2011 and 2012.

One of the biggest forex brokers in the world, but predominantly known in the United States, and much less in Europe and the rest of the world. is therefore one of the few to accept American customers and provide a state-of-the-art ECN platform, called GTX Direct.

ADS Primes mother company is ADS securities, the biggest forex broker of the United Arab Emirates. The European branch instead works with the name ADS Prime and it is registered and operating in London.

This is the main list of the best ECN forex brokers in circulation today. But we didnt stop here.

Are you looking for something more particular?

Do you need an ECN Broker with some specific features?

I contacted and they have a dealing desk, that makes them not ECN

Hi BOB. They also have an ECN platform. See here:

I prefer pepperstone its a good company

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