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the part of the integument of the human head usually covered with hair in both sexes

the part of an animal (such as a wolf or fox) corresponding to the human scalp

a part of the human scalp with attached hair cut or torn from an enemy as a token of victory

Kimberly Noble, a neuroscientist, holds up a blue and red cap dotted with electrodes that rest on a toddlers

, Can an Extra $333 a Month Improve a Babys Brain? A Research Team Wants to Know., 29 Apr. 2019

For instance, your ovaries might churn out excess androgens that rear their head through PCOS symptoms like acne, excess facial hair,

hair loss, and problems conceiving due to irregular or totally absent ovulation.

, Can Diet and Exercise Actually Improve PCOS Symptoms?, 23 Apr. 2019

Salt pumps up the va-va-volume, while powerful plant ingredients like palo santo, rosemary oil, and ayahuasca from the Amazon add shine and

, 10 Essential Summer Beauty Products, 22 Jan. 2018

The book, whose cover shows a baby doll with a partially removed

, A slow, excruciating, painful death: Graphic novelist convicted in fiancees grisly 2016 slaying, 20 June 2018

And then those moments becomes opportunities for

, Samantha Bee goes after Ivanka Trump with vulgar slur, 1 June 2018

New York City hairstylist Tommy Buckett, who regularly works with Claire Danes and Amber Heard, has clients who are convinced that rubbing their

feed the roots of your hair, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says.

, How Bad Is It Really to Rock an Ariana Grande-Level High Ponytail All the Time?, 5 Nov. 2018

Wolff measured the amplitude of pulsations of blood vessels in the

during migraine attacks and after the administration of a drug that constricted the vessels.

The report also concluded the officers did not racially profile two black men accused of

tickets to a Loyola Ramblers basketball game.

, Loyola clears campus police of using excessive force against students of color in viral video, 21 June 2018

punishable by a fine for individual sellers of up to 25 times the tickets face value.

, Scalpers still operating at World Cup despite crackdown, 14 June 2018

Last week, Leibel was found guilty for the first-degree murder of Iana Kasian, who was found drained of her blood,

and tortured in their West Hollywood apartment in May 2016.

, Trust Fund Graphic Novelist Sentenced to Life in Prison For Torturing Fiance Next to Baby Daughter, 26 June 2018

a ticket, that money is being lost from the industry so its less money spent on future shows, merchandise, streaming, food and beverage at the venue.

, Face Value Ticket Reseller Twickets, Endorsed By Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys, Banks on Appeal to Ethical Music Lovers: Q&A, 17 May 2018

Zenger was hired from Illinois State to fix an athletic department that was still reeling from the firing of football coach Mark Mangino and an embarrassing ticket

, Ex-Olympian Ariana Kukors Smith sues USA Swimming, 22 May 2018

Concert organizers in China have also increasingly deployed facial-recognition systems to curb

by verifying the identities of ticket-holders.

, With Pop Star as Bait, China Nabs Suspects Using Facial Recognition, 22 May 2018

Inspired to break the stigma surrounding scalp issues, Nancy worked with a natural product chemist to develop a holistic approach to

healing and soothing thats simple and effective.

, 8 Healthy Uses For Activated Charcoal (And 3 You Can Skip), 25 Mar. 2017

a Native American certainly wasnt lost on me.

, Westworld Episode 1 recap: 5 things to know about Journey Into Night and the start of Season 2, 22 Apr. 2018

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14th century, in the meaning defined atsense 1a

1676, in the meaning defined attransitive sense 1a

Middle English, crown of the head, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norsesklprsheath; akin to Middle Dutchschelpeshell

The termscalpersrefers to securities traders who manipulate themarket.  Scalpers may also refer to traders who earn relatively small amounts ofmoneyfrom thearbitragebetween bid prices and ask prices on securities.

In the case ofmarketmanipulation,scalpersmay buy a security, then recommend the security to investors and take aprofiton the difference between their price and thesalesprice once the market demand raises the price.

Scalpers may also act asmarket makers, making a spread between thebid priceand theask priceof a security.  The role of market makers is to provideliquidityin the trading of securities, taking bids and settling on prices.  The profits are realized from the difference between the ask price and the bid price on a security.  Theon these spreads is usually small and short-term.

Scalpingtoprofitfrom the increase in the price of a security as a result of manipulating themarketis a fraud under theAct of 1940.  The prohibition applies to registered and unregistered investment advisors.

The scalpers business actually overlaps and competes with the designatedmarket maker.   However, because the market maker is usually designated by the exchange and has specific, proprietary information about the security, and has substantialcapitalresources, the general scalper is at a disadvantage.

Scalpingis a form of day trading that involves earning small profits on large volumes of securities.

Aday traderis a very active securities trader who holds securities for a very short time (generally one day or less). If a day trader wants to scalp, he or she would buy and sellshareswhen there are small changes in the stock price. For example, if the price of Company XYZ rises from $41.50 to $41.55, the difference is only a nickel. To most investors, thats not a compelling change, but scalpers capitalize on this by buying 100,000 shares at $41.50 and selling at $41.55 for aprofitof $5,000. If this price change takes place in the course of just one trading day, which is entirely possible, the trader can make $5,000 in a day. Often, the price changes are even smaller than $0.05 a share forscalpersto profit.

Scalpers execute most of their transactions online, and it is important to note that the number of trades influences the amount of brokerage commissions paid. Some day traders avoid using market makers orbrokersby purchasing memberships in direct-access broker systems. These systems send orders to an electronic communications network (ECN), which is a computerized matching system that allows traders to advertise bid or ask prices and execute trades.

Day trading requires analytical skills and discipline, and many people have made day trading a career. However, day trading is exceptionally speculative and therefore requires considerable financial and emotional stamina to withstand substantial risk.

English Language Learners Definition ofscalp(Entry 2 of 2)

to remove the hair and skin from the head of (an enemy) as a sign of victory

to buy tickets for an event and resell them at a much higher price

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contempt, held in contemptBarr in contempt of Congress

DEFCONCNN describes Trump-Congress confrontation

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