This is a Flex EA vendor account trading their Default strategy. This is on a demo account, but this strategy is based mainly on math so results should be very similar which has been the case from what weve seen.

Here is one of their members accounts running default settings

Another top performing set file available in the member forums

Here is a Flex EA real money account from a customer on un-identified broker. Looks like they were using the 3xRetrace strategy, with risk between 0.5 and 1.0. It did 329% in just 3 months before they withdrew all their money with only a 25% drawdown. It looks like they were trading on 19 pairs with the most profitable ones being EURNZD, EURJPY, and GBPJPY. EURNZD has since been labeled as a high risk pair as of Aug 24th, just a warning!

This is a real account on HotForex that did 340% in 6 months trading the Default strategy with 6 MaxBuys/Sells instead of 5. They were trading 10 pairs, the most profitable of which were EURAUD, EURUSD and EURJPY. Im going to warn you that EURAUD has been labeled as a high risk pair as of the Aug 24th crash.

This is a real account on ThinkForex that did 125% in just 2 months. It appears to have used the Default strategy on 10 pairs. Its best performers were GBPUSD, USDCHF and EURJPY.

[iconbox title= title_align=left content_align=left align=middle_left type=vector icon=enotype-icon-thumbs-up icon_align_to=box size=64 icon_color=00dd22 icon_color_hover=2ea740 icon_animation=pulse icon_animation_duration=0.5 icon_animation_delay=0.5 icon_animation_iteration=999]Great EA for all traders, abundance of results, pro active vendor, very active member forum with lots of great information and settings, fair price, extremely flexible. Read more on this from ForexFBIsForex Flex EA Review[/iconbox]

Great EA for all traders, abundance of results, pro active vendor, very active member forum with lots of great information and settings, fair price, extremely flexible. Read more on this from ForexFBIsForex Flex EA Review

New settings in forum are fantastic, love this ea.

Which settings are you using if you dont mind me asking?

Sorry for late reply, I am using RSIx3 Scalper D Stoch v3 EURUSD M30.set from this forum thread it only on EURUSD.

These are doing well for me too, great .set file.

Are u still using it ? Is it profitable until now ?

Yup still chugging a long nicely, Im using low risk and only trading EURUSD, USDCHF

could you pls tell me your avg return per month on RSIx3 Scalper with EURUSD..

Been using the new stoch D scalper set file on EURUSD, its been doing flawless. Great work some Steve, hes always got something cooking.

I do love this EA. I have been very impressed with its performance. Keep up the good work.

Been doing well with this since late April, only had one major loss but the profits have far outweighed that overall. I use the custom tdi set file on v4.65. Curious what everyone else uses?

I use Progressive FlexHybrid with decent results

Two EAs for resale at a discounted price for a LIMITED time !. I just do not have enough time for FOREX trading.

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They have both monitoring signals, please check their websites. if you are interested, please reply to this email.

Hi.. Im like this.. Contact me to define payment.Je… Regards!

i bought a flexv4.65 but no trades. does it need a registration to their website?

Anyone using 3.37 live yet? Been having a lot of success with 3.26 so I havent rushed to update yet but it does have some cool new features I want to use.

Yes I have many live accounts now running 3.37 working perfectly fine.

Ive bought this EA but Im baffled as to which strategy and settings to use.

Are people still having success with this? Been a long time lurker lookin to maybe pull the trigger finally.

Ya been using it for awhile now with consistent results. Ive taken a very conservative approach with 0.1 risk on just 6 pairs which nets me about 5-10% per month with low DD. This is with the BigDefault strategy by the way.

Started 2 months ago with FlexHybrid on 10 pairs with $100 on a micro account. Now at $168 with only 8% drawdown. Some people are looking to double accounts every couple weeks and end up blowing them, not me. 30% per month is more than enough with a low DD.

Are you using default settings? What broker and what is the leverage you are using? Thanks in advance.

Yes,,I am using Default settings in Forex Flex 3.60, my broker is Pepperstone Razor Account with a leverage of 1:100.

Hi Reidman, can you kindly help me with your settings? Is this Robot compatible with Tradeo?

I use Trendsurfer as a strategy I lost around $80 on 21 Jan 2016, but I am still up by 9% profit from my initial investment.

Any suggestions what is the best strategy? So far Forex flex is the most reliable robot out there.

Hi Noel, did you get sst file strategy from seller after you buy or everything by default?

How its work now? Performing ok so far?,

Have been using this EA, in profit for two weeks; still nervous about it, since all of the myfxbook examples you post, are not verified by myfxbook. Can you point to ANY real account(s) verified by myfxbook (trading privileges and track record)?

Performing well in the month of October, satisfied customer here.

With a hedging technique, it could fully reverse the adverse effects of

August was a great first month for me with Flex. Did +21% and survived the Aug 24th crash.

Do you still use the same settings? How is it going?

Anyone have any experience with this? What strategies are you using?

Yup, OOTB settings are doing just fine for me.

Long time user of this EA, brilliant product and a must of for any trader. Not only is it an automated trader, its highly effective for generating signals if you want to manual trade instead.

Im happy with just the Default strategy, but their new Correlated Hedge strategy looks very interesting but its not released yet.

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