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Not a bit surprised that so many people write negative about etoro reviews. I myself fell for their scam. He opened a deposit account with them, and they leaked it. Already a year I can not get the truth and take my money.

I never thought that I would write about etoro reviews. It seems to work, even the profit was small. Although my friends dissuaded me for a long time, but I disobeyed them and replenished the account with a larger amount, after which the money simply disappeared from the account. No more trust in this office.

I was just shocked at how they threw me in this woof * about the office. Etoro reviews just now began to study about them and I just have no words about how many people besides me suffered from their machinations. I led the managers of this and they gave me instructions on what to buy, what to sell and just leaked me a deposit. Thats just terrible!!! I do not recommend !!!

It has long been trading through a teletrade broker. I decided to write reviews, because I finally found what I was looking for. I traded with the masters for a long time through the master invest, but the result was not very good, and once I got into the deals myself and poured more than half of the account, I started locking and lost on them. Then I did not trade for more than a year and only last fall I decided to restore the account. The manager in the office helped me to connect to the synchronous trade to the master, so he returned to me all my drawdown on the account and now he trades in plus, handsome.

I saw how the work in this office Etoro reviews is really all true, and those people who write that this is a good broker – all lie! Yes, it is the staff who write everything. m they just pay for these reviews. In general, Etoro.com is an ordinary kitchen that works to drain customers. You are first promised a mountain of gold, and then just help to drain the deposit. At this collaboration ends and everything. I was able to work here for a month and a half and thats it. I do not recommend!

I have been working with teletrade for a long time, the broker is excellent and I dont have enough time to dig down. I regularly withdraw profits from my account to the Privat card, all good.