Multibank FX has been around since 2005, originally established in California, USA, now headquartered in Hong Kong. Since the launch, it has evolved into one of the largest and most trusted financial institutions worldwide. Over the course of almost 15 years, Multibank FX has built the capital of over $322 million a highly impressive number.

MultiBankFX Forex broker offers great features to customers from all over the world. Multibank has an impressive global presence with 15 offices worldwide, including the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, United Arab Emirates, China, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands. Due to its global reach, Multibank has a large international customer base, aiding to the needs of every citizen of the world. Multibank Forex has over 320,000 customers from 90 countries worldwide, which should not come as a surprise since this FX broker offers amazing features to all of its users regardless of their country of origin. Due to the fact, that they have a huge international presence they also have very heavy regulations for each of their offices.

Multibank broker has managed to gain many awards for their products and services. This Forex group offers world-class tailored financial services to both introducing and professional traders, due to which there is a large group of both types of traders working with this broker. In 2018, Multibank had an average daily turnover of over $4.6 billion per day, which proves how much trust the customers have in this forex and commodities broker.

In this Multibank review, we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Multibank Group, discuss their regulations, products and services, partnerships, and much more. This FX broker has a lot to offer, and our aim is to consider every detail to help you choose the most trusted and appropriate broker for you.

Multibank offers multiple trading products to users, such as Forex, metals, shares, indices, and commodities. We are going to discuss each of the product on the platform in depth as every trader has their preferences and should be aware of as much as possible.

Since Multibank broker mainly concentrates on Forex, their trading platforms and features are highly developed. The group provides forex trading in over 45 currency pairs, including major and exotic currencies, offers high leverage and tight spreads, negative balance protection, and more. The list of advantages of trading Forex with Multibank are the following:

As you can tell from this short Multibank Forex broker review, it has many huge advantages over other brokers when it comes to FX trading. The group even offers an FX Spread Table to prove they have one of the tightest spreads in the industry. It is quite obvious why customers put so much financial trust in Multibank.

Though the group mainly concentrates of FX trading, they still offer amazing services to metal traders as well. Multibank has a worldwide network of dealers, producers, consumers, and speculators of precious metals. Metal traders have access to position tracking, narrow spreads, and more. See the full list below.

Tight spreads (8 cents on Gold, 3 cents on Silver)

Guaranteed no-price-slippage, no requotes, no rejections

Complete transparency of the market with the best offers displayed

If you are a metal trader, you understand how important these aspects are. The spreads offered by Multibank are quite obviously some of the best in the industry. Their offered feature of negative balance protection is a very important advantage for metal traders since the market tends to be quite unpredictable.

If you are a shares trader, you are quite in luck. Multibank FX shares platform is highly advanced and offers over 1000 shares from the best companies worldwide. Additionally, they have low margins, tight spreads, and more. See below.

Multibank allows you to search for shares by the industry or by name. The advantages of trading shares on this platform are outstanding, and receive a lot of praise from the customers. They also offer shares specifications on their page, with the countries, contract sizes, margins, and more. Obviously, this broker has the best offers for any type of trader.

Multibank FX also offers indices trading with world-renowned stock indices, such as US Wall Street 30 index, NASDAQ, German DAX, and more. The advantages of Multibank FX stock trading are:

You have an option to view Index specifications on the Multibank FX webpage, where they provide you with information regarding the Pip value, contract size, min and max value, margins, trading hours, and more.

Multibank commodities platform offers natural gas, copper, crude oil trading, and more at the best terms. Since commodities are a wonderful way to diversify your investment portfolio, the group offers great features to traders trying to grow their portfolios and profits.

No price spillage, no requotes and no rejections guaranteed

Regulations and licenses from the best financial institutions

Full transparency of the market with the best bids displayed

Multibank gives you the ability to look at commodities specifications, providing the contract sizes, min and max volume, margin, pip values, and more. Commodities traders are very satisfied with everything that Multibank has to offer.

Any kind of trader has the ability to trade their choice of product at the best terms with Multibank broker. The advantages of working with this broker are great, with very few to no disadvantages at all.

In addition to the great advantages of trading on the platform, there is also a Multibank FX bonus offered to new users. You have a chance to earn up to $50,000 double bonus upon depositing, though there are some basic trading requirements for the deposit.

The 100% bonus is only offered on the Maximus Platform

All account types that receive the bonus are non-rebate generating

The initial deposit must be equal to $200 for the 100% bonus. There are no restrictions on further deposits.

Arbitrage trading and manipulation of the system is strictly prohibited

Trades lasting less than 120 seconds will be subject to the scalping policy

During withdrawals, the bonus will be reversed in proportion to the withdrawal amount divided by the initial deposit

The bonus can only be used on forex and gold trading only

20% Super Bonus a limited time offer for new clients with a maximum bonus amount of $200,000 per customer

Imperial Bonus new clients have an option to earn up to $5000 on their first-time deposits

Refer a Friend Bonus if you bring in a new client to Multibank, both of you will receive a bonus on your accounts. The amount depends on the new client s initial deposit.

Multibank FX review highlights that all of the bonuses mentioned above are subject to certain terms and conditions, so make sure to read them to ensure you are qualified for the bonuses. But you have to admit, Multibank offers great bonuses to their new and old clients, due to which they receive a lot of approval from traders. Every once in a while, the group offers Multibank FX no deposit bonus, but right now it is not available to new users, we are looking forward to when they make it available again.

Multibank has several platforms designed for MT4 and you have the option to use any of them. There are several differences among the three MT4 platforms, which will be discussed below. The advantages to using MT4 are the market order, the products, EA, scalping, leverage, stop out levels, quick trading, HPS hosting, max lots per click, etc. The three MT4 platforms offered are ECN Pro, Multibank Pro, and Maximus.

Bonuses for IBs: Imperiality Bonus, Loyalty Bonus

Bonuses for Clients: Imperial Bonus, Refer a Friend Bonus

Bonuses for IBs: Imperiality Bonus, Loyalty Bonus

Bonuses for Clients: Imperial Bonus, Refer a Friend Bonus

Bonuses for IBs: Imperiality Bonus, Loyalty Bonus

Bonuses for Clients: 100% Bonus, 20% Super Bonus, Imperial Bonus, Refer a Friend Bonus

The choice completely depends on your trading habits and preferences, but the fact that Multibank FX broker offers several platforms is a huge advantage. Any trader has an option to sign up and use the platform most fitting to their trading practices.

The group offers high fund security thanks to the Multibank FX regulations. Since their offices are located all over the world, the group has to uphold strict rules and obligation in accordance with their international regulations. Due to this, they offer clients the highest levels of funds security.

So it should not come as a surprise that Multibank has such a large global customer base. The group made sure to receive regulations from the best financial institutions. Additionally it has been found out by the Multibank review that they provide fully segregated client accounts, cold servers, custodial bank facilities, and more. Multibank FX security is highly developed, which explains why so many traders put so much trust into this broker.

Multibank has managed to receive a lot of acclaim from various companies. Over the last decade, the group has received over 20 awards different institutions. The latest one was in 2018 from Capital Finance International titled Best Forex ECN Platform Europe & Asia. The group also got awards for the Most Admired Companies of 2017, 2017 Financial Derivatives Broker of the Year (Asia & Europe), 2016 Best Forex Exchange Platform, Top FX Liquidity Provider 2014, Most Secure Broker 2014, Best Forex Trading Platform 2011, and many more. The reason we decided to mention this in Multibank FX review is due to the credibility that the brokerage firm has managed to build in over a decade. This information is vital to new users since it will help build trust for the broker.

The customer service at Multibank is outstanding. They offer 24-hour professional first class service for 5 days a week in over 10 languages. They offer immediate assistance via their live chat, where you have a chance to get in touch with a professional regarding any inquiries or issues. Additionally, the group has up to 40 international numbers for support, some of them are even toll-free. If this not the most comfortable option for you, there is an email address available on their customer service page. If you choose to send an email, make sure to write a specific subject line to ensure a proper and prompt response. You also have a chance to follow Multibank FX on social media, where they provide daily news and more. If you have been in the industry for some time, you should realize how amazing the customer service is at Multibank. Not many brokers offer this many international phone numbers and other ways to help their customers with anything.

Multibank FX partnership programs are also quite impressive. They offer partnerships with Introducing Brokers, Franchise Program, White Label, Prime of Primes, and CPA Affiliate Program. Traders have a chance to partner up with some of the best financial institutions with the help of an amazing brokerage firm.

Overall, Multibank FX stands on top of the food chain in the industry. They offer amazing trading advantages to all types of investors, different platforms, great bonuses, high levels of security due to their incredible list of regulations, customer service, partnerships, and more. It is without a doubt that this group put a lot of work into developing their company to the maximum, and still, they never stop bettering it. We highly recommend you check out their page, and hope this Multibank FX opinion and review helped.

Be the first one to find out about available Forex trading bonuses that can be trusted

Be the first one to find out about available Forex trading bonuses that can be trusted