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withdraw system very bad and support people specialy in urdu very bad

i think any serous trader or intending traders should heed to this warning. Do not invest your hard earned money in this company, they only exist on website; they are not real. i can only guarantee you that your deposit will be swift but you withdrawals may never happen. Just try them with $50 and withdrwal that maybe a week later, exness will not credit you. they will claim is 3-5 working days that could be a mirage, Run away as fast as you can. i made several withdrawl on 30/8/18/and 31/8/18, i was only paid at random and to my surprise the $100 paid was reversed

Dont go with 3.5 rating , u see any tom di** and harry can register and put review , I hope u get the idea what i m saying, (AT the end i mentioned some really good advice for newbie traders)

Exness broker are very clever so my advice to newbies and medium forex traders is to stay away from Exness as far as u stay away from Hurricane. Mostly brokers make money from Slippages, spreads , commissions, swaps but Exness not only makes money by this but also steals ur money that u wont even recognized what they r doing , I want to show u some conversation between me and Exness customer representative so u wont say that i m bluffing , I m serious

Now see what actually happened i was trading on friday and then market was closed but my trades was on and i was -40$(minus 40$) when market closed and

my trades price shows 0.96228 (USDCHF) at my Mt4 platform while market closed at 0.96189 so it never went to 0.96228 and it was coming from down (it was at 0.96288 about 5 hours ago) so u can see the difference of 39pips and i have 5 trades going so if u divide 5 with 39 pips , u realize how much money they were stealing from me and i would not have noticed this if the market was not closed, and representative is telling me that market was closed so my tab was not updated, that was hillarious joke ( coz i was trading on ECN a/c which they claim is linked with interbank and 5 hours ago price was at 0.96288)

i send u screen shot so look price is 0.96228 which was actually the price 20 candles ago (or 5 hours ago)

and u r telling me my tab is not updated in 5 hours

i dont think u can answer this question , pls let me talk to ur manager?

Would you be so kind as to tell me your account number?

Would you be so kind as to tell me your phone password?

I am forwarding your issue to our specialists kindly wait we will inform you via email regarding your order issue

i dont wanna do anything with ur specialst , i wanna talk to ur manager

Sir as I have informed you specialists will check your issue and will update you accordingly via email for now you have to wait.

ok i need to give very huge and special review to exness that how they will rip u off

Sir our specialists will check your issue and will inform you accordingly, if there is any issue from our side then we will compensate you

Is there any other question I can assist you with?

this is what i caught , what about other time , u see try to understand when someone is trading ,he is thinking to go long or short , how much he trade, no one is thinking to keep an eye on price where he bet

how come my tab is not udated , there is no answer for this except that someone is stealing from u

Sir if you face any issue regarding your orders then you can contact us anytime we are here to help you

Yes sir that is why I am forwarding your issue to our specialists they check your issue in detail and will let you know regarding your issue via email

yes i know and i came to u and u r telling me that my tab is not updated , how can i accept this answer while price was there (0.96228) 5 hours ago

and the thing is with ECN account ur trading direct with market which i m not

Yes sir that is why I am forwarding your issue to our specialists they check your issue in detail and will let you know regarding your issue via email

Yes sir you are right in ECN account clients are directly connected to inter bank means clients receives quotes directly from liquidity providers

because my trades r not even updating after 5 hours

what proof u can provide me that i m connected diect to interbank?

Sir there is no complaint number you will be informed via email regarding your issue as soon as possible

U see what i mean , trading people think that it is there fault they r trading wrong but they r not fully aware of worst broker (Exness)

always check prices with other markets as m ,Bloomberg)

take screenshot or snapshot when u put trade and when u close

always do ur own calculations on trades never trust brokers

If it is possible, please send me your account number and details of your trades in order to review your case to

Exness is the scam broker. It really true and proved.

I working with Exness long time and I lost all money when I back again & again.

Last experience I trying to explain with details.

Last 17.04.2017- I deposited $300 (USD) in Exness Mini Real account. and at the same time deposit with others Broker (Alpari and TradersWay) Demo account $300 (USD).

And, setup my own (EA) in my VPS Server with 3 of Trading account like Exness, TradersWay and Alpari. then start my profitable Expert Advisor (EA). after 12 hours I lost all money with Exness broker.

Still working with the deposited money $300 (USD) from 17.04.2017. and till now 28.04.2017 it made profit for me Alpari $304 (USD). So, my total Balance & Equity right now $604 (USD).

And, TradersWay made profit for me $368 (USD). So, my total Balance & Equity right now $668 (USD).

I have specific proof document with all screenshot. I can show all screenshot.

So, Why I cant tell everyone it scam? It really scam broker.

I would like to hear more details on the spread issue to further assist you.

You may post the relevant information here or contact me personally at georgii..

scam broker, they are scamming by spread fully

A very good broker.I like the withdraw method.The withdraw is instant.Just 2 sec time to withdraw money with concern payment method.The reliable broker

I regret to hear that you are disappointed with our services.

Nevertheless, let me cover the points raised in your review one by one.

First of all, to verify a document we usually ask to wait for as much as 24 hours. If the document is accepted, the client can see a green tick next to the document in their personal area. If it is rejected, the client can see a red cross and a polite request to try again. If the client places the cursor on the try again notice in the Settings of the personal area (I am sure the wording of the notice is different, but it means try uploading again), they will see the rejection reason. I would like to point out that there is always a solid reason as to why a particular document is not accepted and this reason is always acceessible to the client.

As the verification took more than 24 hours, I will have to find out the reason. For that, please tell me your account number.

Moreover, if the client needs to expedite the verification, they can contact technical support staff. At the clients request the document will be checked straightaway.

Apart from it, we do not send notifications to clients e-mail boxes, because whether the document has been accepted or not can always be checked in the personal area. The reason of rejection can also be found there. However, I will explain the wish to be notified by e-mail to the responsible member of staff for further consideration. Thank you for the advice.

Secondly, I would be happy to know what was not excellent while you were testing our conditions at a demo account. If something needs to be clarified, I will try to clarify it as far as I can.

Moreover, as far as the real account trading is concerned, I must say that the spread may widen depending on market conditions as it is floating. Usually, the spread moderately increases before and right after news releases, at the trading sessions opening, before the market closure, and after its opening.

If that is applicable to your trading strategy, I may advise that you should try using fixed spread currency pairs to avoid wider spreads influencing your trading.

Apart from that, there are extremely rare cases when orders are executed at non-market prices. If that is the case, please rest assured necessary measures will be taken. Therefore, I would appreciate if you could provide your account number and orders numbers here or to me personally at georgii.. We will check if the execution was correct.

Now I understand that I should have avoided cooperation with them. First of all, registration took about week. I checked my inbox and junk folders, but it was that long I had to wait for the answer. During this time, support could not provide normal answer. They jsut said wait, your request will be processed as soon as possible. On the 4th day, for some reason, they claimed that I must provide another ID documnet. For some reason, they did not like my driving lciense. And again, no adequate answer. Just do what we say. All in all, verification passed and I got my account, but without big wish to trade after that. I downloaded terminal and tried demo first. Order execution is not excellent, though non worse than by average brokers. But real entertainment began on the next stage on our cooperation. Unlike demo, their real account has spreads widened during each deal opening. I traded only several short deals with this broker, and it was enough for me. On the second week of my trading, I got fed up with such conditions and applied for withdrawal. Sincerely hope that remainings of initial deposit will get back to me without difficulties. Im glad that I deposited comparatively small amount.

trading on the Forex market generally involves a substantial risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested capital, that is why none of the respected forex brokers can guarantee 100% profit for its traders.

watch out exness monitoring page .only 25-50 accounts are running with profit. all others are losers .thats mean, huge profit to exness company .not only this broker. every broker in the world make so many tricks to avoid big winning trades. sorry for my english…

we hope to resume oil trading in the nearest time.

Unfortunatelly, there is no specific deadline for that.

my only negative review is that Oil trading is disabled, and i depend alot on Oil trading.

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