Forex has a huge amount of up to 5,000 billion U.S. dollars a day along with the strong explosion of electronic money market and the needs to exchange and trade other types of financial products.

Best4FXwas born as the prestigious broker of Forex, electronic money and goods. We established Best4FX in the first quarter of 2019 in the United States and are operating in parallel in the United States and Japan:

The clients can conduct trading with ease through Best4fx 24-hour automated trading system.

Connected with more than 100 brokers in the world, Best4fx is a good environment for investment.

Hundreds of experienced traders have been carefully selected to provide the stable income daily.

Best4fx trades more than 1500 products with different liquidity profiles including gold, currencies,…

We have been providing trading services and facilities for both retailing and institutional customers. Through the policy of providing the best possible trading conditions to customers and allowing both speculators and investors to use the advisory expert software to unlimitedly access to the liquidity,Best4FXhas self-positioning as the a broker chosen by traders around the world.

We has been providing the first-class social trading experience.

All things are simple! if you are a beginner, who is a passionate person, or a long-time expert or is simply looking for investment solutions in the field of social networking, Best4FX is the number one choice.

Our activities are driven by honest and transparent values together with the internationally recognized business standards and principles.

Best4FXhas been providing many excellent account options that customers can choose to enjoy a customized trading experience that can perfectly fit their needs. Along with outstanding trading conditions and advanced AI technology applied to social trading, Best4FX provides all necessary tools and services for customers of all levels so that they can achieve their trading ambitions with the immediately and automatically copied trading strategies.

Best4FX development route is divided into 3 stages

In the first quarter of 2019,Best4FXlaunched a trading floor with outstanding technologies, trading platforms and a team of excellent experts in many countries around the world, especially the leading solution in forex trading at the present time, which is the Social Trading.

Social trading is also sometimes called the social investing, which is one of the new generation investment solutions generated by Web 2.0 technology. It allows us to automatically copy transactions made by one or more professional investors in a network like a social network, thereby you can repeat the results of other members, even if you dont have much knowledge and time to participate in the market.

In social trading, the duplicator is often calledfollower, while the experienced investors who are copied by others are calledleader.

When joining the social trading, followers can both copy the leaders results directly and interact, exchange information and receive the latest updates from their leader.For followers, they can make a profit from copying without spending a lot of time and efforts and it does not require deep knowledge of the market.

For leaders, instead of dealing with their own capital, they earn more from sharing their knowledge and experience and enjoying a commission amount from the followers who are copying them.

With Best4FX, we have more market participants and opened more orders than the traditional way. A portion of the fees collected from the followers copy commands which are also often shared with the leaders to encourage them to continue playing well.

And thus, for each individual, we can choose to join the social trading by becoming a follower. If you want to make profit from the market without trading by yourself. Or you can become a leader if you yourself have good trading skills and history. Currently there are leaders who have succeeded with a large number of followers and their total managed capital valued up to tens of millions of U.S. dollars.

With the social trading, you only need to log in Best4FX, using the automatic duplication technology to copy the commands of successful leaders. The trading experience and activities of the leaders are shared with the Best4FX followers worldwide.

We will issue our token currency, called the Best4FX coin, after having attracted a large number of communities at the first stage. The strict limit of 200,000,000 BFX will be created; BFX is a decentralized electronic currency issued on the basis of Ethereum, also the standard ERC 20 token based on the blockchain Ethereum; BFX supports all Ethereum wallets. BFX will run on the Ethereum blockchain platform – ERC 20.

40% equivalent to 80,000,000BFX will be donated to investors

20% equivalent to 40,000,000BFX shall be retained for the Founding Team ICO will start in the third quarter of 2019, when the investors can buy BFX token during this period.

ICO will end in advance if 80,000,000BFX tokens are sold out.

Investors will receive tokens within 15 days after the ICO ends.

All times below are US Standard Time (UTC – 8 hours)

2019/08/10Announcing Best4FX ICO plan and issuing the common whitepaper to the public.

2019/08/15Confirming the initial public offer opening of ICO for the phase 1

2019/10/15ICO ends or whenever BFX tokens are sold out.

2019/10/30Releasing the storage wallet to download BFX token after ICO comes.

Best4FXwas born as a main trading floor, so the fact that BFX token is listed on Best4FX floor will be expected on2019/11/30. The expected value when listing on the floor is 1USD/1BFX.

By 2020, it is expected that Best4FX will be available in more than 100 countries and reach the milestone of 20 million users and that means BFX will grow to the milestone of USD30-100/1BFX

You can use BFX to pay all charges on our platform, including unlimited amounts in:

When you use BFX for fee payment, you will get a significant discount: In the first year, the discount rate is 50%. In the second year, it is 25%. In the fourth year, it is 12.5%. In the fifth year, it is 6.75% and the fifth year shall not be subject to the discount.

Quarterly, we will destroy BFX based on the volume of transactions on the electronic platform until we destroy 50% of all BFX. All transactions will be authenticated on the ERC-20 smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain.

Finally, we will destroy 100,000,000 BFX, leaving 100,000,000 remaining BFX.

In the future, Best4FX will build an decentralized trading floor, in which BFX will be used as one of the key underlying assets as well as the spent gas.

BFX will grow very strongly and achieve the high value when listed on the floor:

BFX technology: Ethereum blockchain – ERC 20.

We have built a large number of communities in Stage 1 before BFX is released.

When BFX is launched, it will be applied directly to the ecosystem on Best4FX.

Liquidity: BFX will definitely be listed on the floor by Best4FX in accordance with the predetermined plan

35% of the funds will be used to build Best4fx platform and implement the system upgrades, including team recruitment, training and development budget.

50% will be used for Best4FX marketing and branding, including continuous Best4FX promotion and education and technology innovation in the industry. A budget sufficient for various advertising activities is to help Best4FX become popular among investors and to attract users to the platform.

15% will be retained to deal with any emergency or any possible situations.

Born on March 10, 1974 in the US state of Texas. For nearly two decades, he has focused on private equity investments in the fields of finance and high-tech, especially playing an important role in some high-end success stories.

He is one of the most influential people in the financial industry in the United States, as well as in the top 100 influencers in the Fintech industry.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management and a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Information Systems.

He founded Best4FX with the desire to provide optimal financial services, innovative and modern technology solutions to bring the highest efficiency to customers.

In addition we have a solid team led by MarK, who has the in-depth experience in finance, foreign exchange and technology.We have a profile of successful team starting up the business under our apparatus.

There are many risks associated with running a network. We understand this and have the skills, experience and leadership to overcome such risks.

Many trading floors have failed due to poor security procedures. Security violations may have been prevented by implementing simple precautions to protect important resources. Our team has developed Best4FX with the security as a top concern. We strive to ensure that we have followed all the best industry practices when securing infrastructure and data including ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 and Security Standards (CCSS).

We know this will be an extremely competitive space. Perhaps there are hundreds, if not thousands, of teams that want to plan or carry out exchanges. The competition will be fierce. But in this era, this is a common risk in any startup or business concept. The question is: looking at our team, track records, experience, industry resources and products, do you believe we have better chances than the rest? If yes, please join us.

With various affiliate programs, Best4fx offer you to earn generous commission on your members investments and trades. We fairly provide the best tools to observe your members trading amount and your commission.

RISK WARNING: Trading in forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market. No safe trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investors so the Customers, please ensure you understand all the risks involved before deciding to trade. Read our full risk Disclosure Statement in here.