Internet money investment can be profitable and dangerous too. Anyone can suffer from swindlers either beginners or even experienced traders. Therefore protection from shady brokers is one important point of the online investment.

If client doesnt pay due attention to choice and checking of a investment firm or broker, you can lose all investments and precious time. On the first try youll have to spend a lot of time and still hardly find some good company, like Key Markets broker. Liars and scammers everywhere try to allure traders, and looks like client can get much more of them than normal brokers. And some companies (like a large American company FXCM) start worsening terms for their clients over a small amount of time. Key Markets reviews can answer on main question Can Key Markets be labeled as scam?, and this answer is no, for Key Markets is a broker with long-term and reliable reputation.

Total losses due to some shady brokers exceeded 15 billion dollars in 2016. Sometimes traders get their money back (for example, RollsCapitals was obliged to recover losses in several different courts), but most of investors lose their money with no hope of return. Even more aggrieved ex-clients for some reason dont report any fraud instances and therefore dont request help.

Good brokers, taking as example Key Markets forex broker, are not scam, they give honest terms to its clients. At the same time, you should be aware of shady companies that can:

place orders against clients opinion or open false deals;

impose unnecessary and expensive services, add paid products which you didnt order;

complicate the entire money withdrawal procedure, making it difficult and unclear;

execute market orders with time gaps or only on terms which are profitable for broker, not clients;

charge additional sums due to hidden payments;

overvalue or change without a notice all the commission fees, spreads and/or trading charges.

How to learn for sure whether a forex firm or brokerage company cheats the clients? On the Web, you sure can find many black lists with names of unfair forex brokers which are not for some reason recommended to work with. Often, you may see there also reviews with detailed analysis of discreditable behavior. However, most often, you wont even need to read all of those its enough to make sure a firm is not on these websites and lists.

How to see a bad forex brokerage company with half an eye? They mostly use:

promises of an easy and huge $$$ profit with no first deposit or with minimal expenses;

stress on automatical trader bots giving a 10)% guarantee of profit;

promotional offers which are too sweet to be true.

Promotions for the first deposit or special bonuses are not always a sign of some shady broker. Some companies give special terms to some traders, but the real best brokers dont focus on this and dont show this as their main advantage.

When searching for or choosing a broker, first of all, you need to pay your attention to three main criteria:

The period of company registration and the number of clients. International companies work with their audience for years. Therefore, the company that does not deserve your attenstion can be easily identified by inexperienced employees.

Reputation. Other clients reviews help learn in advance what to expect from a chosen broker. For example, as in the case of Key Markets reviews help to form a swift opinion on service level and organizations reliability. Additional bonus is awards received by a broker. Their worth is defined by receipt date and organizers credibility.

Website. Any user-friendly, well-done and fast webpage filled with updated information points at a solid forex broker. Site must have an accurate data, and the more it has, the more confidence may be given to its owner.

Quick looking through a site can help to exclude large number of fake brokers easily. We recommend to avoid investments if a resource has:

For a primary estimation all you have to do is to listen carefully to your heart. If a page doesnt inspire trust, chances are theres something not right with this broker indeed. But some swindlers can skillfully disguise as honest firms they can also create attractive and well-done sites, fill them with information, even rent actual offices and provide tech support. But they still cannot provide the right level of service because they are not interested in long-term cooperation.

Theres always a question, how can one manage to choose a trustworthy broker if theres always a chance of mistake. To preserve your time and investment amount, we recommend to choose organizations with acknowledged history, good reputation and well-known possibilities.

investment and/or withdrawal online with no known delays;

intuitive, modern and quick trading platform;

option of setting of program trading  according to clients personal algorithms;

detailed help manuals, FAQ, information and tutorials;

option of selecting of your investment amount and grade;

The trading style of different traders is significantly different, and it is important to find a company that shares the clients opinion. Some brokers limit opportunities for scalping, automated trading, do not provide a sufficiently rapid response when trading news, and delay the placement of orders when a client wants to have time to react to market events. Such companies are scammers, because it is the ability to promptly place and close orders leads to the most beneficial results for the trader. Key Markets reviews separately mention the speed of opening deals and a platform well prepared for trading, leaving no room for such problems.

Key Markets forex broker looks like a firm that takes care of its existing and future clients. It turns to be vital for this company that each its trader could invest without problems, fully manage his/her resources, get necessary help and good solid tools for efficient activity on the Web. Start successful and safe cooperation with this company start working without hidden fees, with maximal processes transparency, using convenient up-to-date platform.

Well, if someone decided to deal with unreliable companies that promise a lot of easy money, I got bad news for you. I mean, nothing comes easy. A broker cheated you? Find another one! Dont keep all eggs in one basket, stop being such kids. Get two, three, more accounts, just do something. I work with Key Markets and other two companies, and I feel safe and dont worry about drawdowns.

And what can we do if people were already scammed? Half of them wont ever trade again. Btw, what about Key Markets? Did anyone withdraw funds? Im going to withdraw mine.

For the first time I met reviews about Key Markets broker about 8 months ago. I then searched for analyzes of another broker and surfed the entire Internet. I came across a small list of very fresh players in the market, who managed in a short time to get a positive feedback from traders. Specifically, Key Markets then began to work only a couple of months, it turns out. I was so surprised, I remember. In September, I again looked for information on the forums, and I saw articles from this broker already, recommendations, useful to read, and something hooked. I thought about trying this option on the budget rate itself, well, what if it turns out. What will I lose in this case ..? I have enough experience to quickly figure it out and not to drain the deposit out of the blue, if, however, the expectations are not justified. But it turned out that the newcomer here would be difficult, while experienced begin to spin and quickly earn. For noobs, at first it will be uncomfortable without macro and demo accounts, promotions, welcome bonuses and training materials. There is something on the site, some useful info, but no webinars. But, of course, there is technical support, round-the-clock. But there still need to be able to reach. Each trader has his own personal manager, and and generally advise quality. I liked the conditions. The ordering is very fast, there are no I / O commissions, the quotes are not overstated, all key pairs are actively working. You can trade on the news.

In the autumn I decided to leave the top brokers in the direction of less noisy. Studied all the offers on the market, stopped at several options. Conditions are more or less the same. But one had inflated spreads, the second had a commission. As a result, I chose a completely young broker Key Markets, he has been on the market for about 10 months. I studied all trading conditions and opened an account. Replenished by three hundred bucks, immediately started trading. The manager called, offered help, told where to download the manual for the MetaTrader4 terminal, very competently answered all my questions. IMHO, the company was founded by no newcomers. Knowledge of this level can be acquired only on their own many years of experience. In addition, the system itself is built for a clear, stable operation, everything functions as if it were by the clock. Excellent analytics, by the way. At the same time, I have never seen signs of the intervention of managers in my work, no left candles or inconsistencies on the deposit. The fact that this is not a scam, and certainly not a kitchen, I realized right away, but it was interesting what prospects there are. Under the conditions: static spreads, not higher than common market, quotes are not overstated. Im trading a couple of dollars / euros, Ive already taken a profit once to the webmoney and twice to the card (only the banks commission was charged), everything is operational and clear. Its good for me that there are no tournaments and contests here, I am tired of it even at top brokers. I think the company should already think about expanding the staff. It is difficult to call through, especially in the morning.

I have almost no experience; I have been trading at Key Markets broker for a week, and came for a company with a friend. A little bit of trade, but I watch more how bots do it. I study myself, try different strategies. Want to find my own and trade it to earn. Before that, I indulged with demos, of course there was a plus. But on real deals, I just flew into the negative, as soon as I turned on the brain. I think that my profit was received more purely by luck. I think that my profit was received more purely by luck. Here I get to understand faster. Spreads are static, you can plan some kind of your line. It is clear that I had problems. I consulted with my personal manager. Im not the first here, of course. But they always communicated with me politely and patiently. And most importantly, they helped. And in the drawdowns they suggested how to go to zero without panic and not to drain the deposit. Demo and macros here, by the way. But if you have a basic set of knowledge and skills, they are not for you. I am pleased and see my progress.

Ive been trading with young broker Key Markets for a month now. I do not see any changes for the better so far, although the site seems to have been updated. In general, the system is still not full, IMHO, of course. Maybe this is such a position. No tournaments, promotions, training webinars. Financial services are exactly the required minimum. There is no insurance at the base rate. In total, by the way, only four tariffs. No buns, bells and whistles, bonuses for replenishment. But I am ready to close my eyes to all this if the company relies on the stability of its functionality. The speed is invariably cosmic, disconnects did not happen, the order is flying away. In addition, there are no hidden fees, only bank interest is taken during withdrawal. Slippage is controll almost entirely by the MetaTrader 4 terminal, I wont recall requotes. You want to scalp for this, everything is there. Excellent analytics and very intelligent support. You can work with a tablet or smart, the terminal has its own mobile application. Once, through foolishness, I thrust into a storm and mined, so the system itself leveled and adjusted me to zero.

In the fall I left a large broker when conditions suddenly changed. For some reason, this broker added new options, and not for free, we had to pay for them. It was strange and generally not profitable, I left and have no regrets. The mood was at zero, it was necessary to look for a replacement. In early October, one of the forum acquaintances, who also went with me from that company, invited me to open an account with the new Key Markets broker. I read the information and agreed. Here, of course, everything is more modest, but the basic functions and services work. Four packages, for the base you need $ 250, there is enough functionality for normal operation. Fixed low spreads, fast withdrawal to a card or wallet. You can withdraw to a bank account, but it is long, up to three days. Technical support is very competent, I did not believe at once that the new company may have such savvy consultants. Then I realized that everything was created here by market experts, and the entire system of work was thought out carefully and in advance. Hopefully, the broker will eventually increase the number of employees to have enough people on the phone.

Although there are almost no web reviews on the broker Key Markets, I have collected some necessary information. A friend suggested to register here. The first time I expected a dirty trick from the company, which is not even a year old. But for the first three months, I was convinced that the broker came with ambitions and the prospect of working stably and reliably. There are drawbacks, I hope they will go away with time. For example, it is very difficult to reach and there are no other communication channels in real time. The system is persistent, a couple of times there were disconnects, but this is with my round-the-clock activity. Everything is operational, opening / closing and replenishment / withdrawal pass quickly and without problems. Up to an hour is spent on processing the bid and withdrawal, usually less. For start, I put 300 dollars, 1: 300 leverage is the same for all user packages.

I came to the Key Markets broker more than a month ago. I have little experience, did not work with cool brokers. Can not compare, just write as it is. Transactions open and close almost instantly. The speed can be affected by volatility, it decreases and the execution does not take 1-2 seconds, but 5-6, for example. I compared spreads, can do it for sure. It comes out just below the market, and they are static. There is a minimum amount of training material on the site, but without video and webinars. There are no demo accounts, which is a pity. Although I am here on real transactions have already received such an experience that sin to complain. Use the provided analytics. I am with it as on a life buoy for this whole month. At the very beginning, I merged a little, but returned everything. The other day, took the first twenty profit. I sent the bid, received approval and put it on the card. Only bank interest was withdrawn. Then nothing happened and I called the support, and the manager reminded me of the verification. Hmm, this information was not on the site, well, ok, they helped me to do everything quickly. Half an hour later the money went.

I opened an account with Key Markets broker, installed MetaTrader 4 terminal, uploaded documents and replenished the account. Automatically started trading. Then the consultant called back, introduced himself as my personal manager. Suggested help. With his advice quickly figured out and set up the system for my wishes. Excellent speed of all financial transactions, orders are executed almost instantly. For the first week I tested all the functionality. Everything works well, thoughtfully. There were no disconnects, I noticed several slippings. On volatility, the speed dropped to 6-7 seconds per trade instead of 2-3 normal ones. I usually trade in the mid-term, and dont like scalping, by the way there is everything you need for this. Replenishment at the current rate without commission, the withdrawal may be with bank interest. There is little teaching material, no contests, tournaments, bonuses and promotions.

Until I gained experience, I didnt really know how to distinguish brokers among themselves. It was only later that I began to note for myself the speed of execution, the presence of annoying technical bugs, learned to distinguish the imposed service from the actually needed one, or small flaws from specific oversights of broker. For example, at the broker Gerchik and Co. I was upset by the unpredictability of analysts. The feeling of chance of every victory, even the smallest profit, did not leave. As if I jabbed a finger, and then lucky or unlucky. I had to leave. At first I wanted to go to another well-known broker. But then changed my mind and started looking for a younger company, I had quite a positive reputation. I got acquainted with the broker Key Markets. Friends recommended. They said, do not pay attention for the time of creation, everything has been collected by practicing traders for a long time and tested by personal experience. So it happened. Confident analytics, competent support, maximum optimization. The system does not lag and works with good speed. The tool kit is generally standard. There is no choice of platforms, there is only the fourth MetaTrader, but enough for me. Fixed spreads, no I / O commission, average market quotes. Four tariff plans. The basic threshold has an accessible threshold, even for a novice, only $ 250. All key currency pairs are presented.

Six months ago I left FreshPhorex. At first, there went some problems with the withdrawal, and then unformation was spreading, that it is generally a kitchen and skam. So I quickly rolled my fishing rods and started searching for a new broker. Stopped at Key Markets and, knock on wood, I have no complaints from me about the company for almost 5 months already. I withdraw promptly, clearly, everything works transparently, there is no doubt about broker honesty. No hidden commissions, there are no commissions on the output / input at all. Slippage and requots are not common, no disconnects. Support pleases me with technological literacy and a respectful attitude to the client. I work with a personal manager. He always rescued with his tips at abrupt moments, such as drafts, or if I could not find and adjust something. Excellent speed of order execution. When the market is storming, I turn on the bots. I do not risk. And I do not like scalping, although there is everything for this. By the way, the broker does not have demos and macro accounts, and thank God, as for me. They were on the FF, and in general, its associate for me with kitchens and swingIng a deal through the locale. Key Markets works only with real deals and the external market. Offers mid-market spreads, static. Quotes do not get taller than the stated limits. It is a pleasure that all the brokers promises as for trading terms are fulfilled. Still, there are shortcomings of a young company it is impossible to call technical support from the first time. And besides this it remains only to write letters to the email. As in the last century. It would be worth to attach online-support chat to the site.

I appreciated the ease of registering a broker Key Markets. Automatically after the replenishment of the account, trading begins. You can forget about account verification before the first withdrawal. All this simplicity solutions like the most. And honesty. Managers immediately warned that you should not waste your mind in vain expectations. This broker is not so long in the market, and many of the usual options for spoiled traders are absent here. Key Markets has no macro and demo accounts, promotions, competitions, tournaments. But in its merits are the stability of system, speed of order execution, absence of cliffs and minimum number of requotes and slippage. There are all the tools for scalping. I would also add to the advantages technical support competence and successful analytics. Spreads are static, correspond to the market. No commission on I / O. Convenient terminal MetaTrader 4. I would also add tools for scalping, beyond what was offered by the broker, for connoisseurs. And would expand the optiona

In late November, I got an account with a broker Key Markets. I quickly registered, put 250 dollars on the starting tariff. There are 4 of them in total, and all levels have the same leverage of 1: 300, static spreads (the more expensive the tariff, the more profitable the spreads) + the ability to trade on the news. There is no broker interest on input and output, top-up at the current rate. MetaTrader 4 terminal has a flexible system of settings. There are all the necessary tools for a successful start. Smart support service works around the clock, always answers all questions, helps, advises, and all this is very polite and patient. In my opinion, consultants also trade in order to be aware of all problems or changes in the market. I dont know why, but Im unable to reach them from the first time.

For various reasons, in August I said goodbye to Forex Finance. When I was looking for a new broker and consulted with my friends, I was given the idea to register at the Key Market. This is a very young broker, he is not more than a year old, but as they say it organized by experienced traders. I looked for information in the internet, I had to dig a long time, there are very few reviews so far. I had to trust the advice. According to the trading conditions there are both pros and cons. What is in shortcomings: only one MetaTrader 4 trading platform (I did not work on it before), only four tariff plans, and with a large price gap between the first and second one. And also there are only two methods of communication in the support contacts, these are a phone and an email, even the online chat on the site is not. In the pros: static spreads! do not jump in the period of volatility, you can safely build a strategic plan, quotes correspond to the market, excellent scalping at a high speed of opening / closing. I will also add that the broker does not have a commission for I / O, withdrawing money without problems, you can withdraw funds to the card in 40 minutes. I prefer to trade oil and precious metals, it would be good for me with any broker. But Im still comfortable here, in general, I am satisfied.

Key Markets is a good confident middling. It is unusual that such a young broker works with such a maturely built system. The promised conditions are fully met. I opened an account on the base package. I see no reason to touch more expensive three levels yet. I have enough here. For all tariffs, static spreads are equally included. Depending on the cost of the package, they are set in the direction of obtaining greater benefits. I trade AUD and NZD, adequately to the market. There is no commission for withdrawal, money is entered at the current rate and very quickly. Competent support service, it is a pity that there is no possibility of prompt dialing. I personally am not a fan of sitting on the line and chatting live. Already got used to solve all questions in the online correspondence. There are no webinars, tournaments, and no micro and demo accounts. But I dont see any benefit in them, often they are offered either by kitchens, or promoted brokers, who already have all the options more than enough.

I returned from vacation in mid-July, and found e-mail with a invitation link from an old friend. He offered to open an account with a new broker Key Markets and attached information about trading conditions. I have registered, and for the time being, I like everything. There were no conflict situations, managers are very polite and do not intervene in work without demand. The only thing that the friend did not tell about is a necessary to pass the account verification before the first withdrawal. There is no information about it on the site also. And when I had withdrew to the card for the first time, and my money did not appear, I had a minute of panic. Whats also important! is it clear that in the storm period the speed drops slightly and orders are executed for a few seconds longer? All warned. About the rest. Excellent support, it will explain everything you need and help. Adequate static spreads, quotes correspond to average market indicators, 50 pairs of key currency pairs are presented, it is possible to scalp and trade on news. There is no choice of terminal, you can only work with the MetaTrader 4 platform. But then there is a super flexible system of settings, trading bots and a lot of other useful options. In general, I have a positive opinion about the broker.

What I like here is a solid approach to the business and organization of the process. At Key Markets, everything is thought out, there is nothing superfluous, technically everything works smoothly and reliably. Even according to the degree of technical support preparation, it is clear that the company was founded by real pros and experts in the exchange business. Consultants respond in detail to all questions about the operation of the system and changes in the market. Execution is almost instantaneous, transactions are not canceled. Under the conditions: quotes on average correspond to the market, depending on the pair may be slightly lower. I prefer to trade pairs USD / CHF and EUR / USD. Fixed spreads do not dance in the storm. Daily native analytics makes it possible to track market conditions as accurately as possible. I manage to make fairly accurate predictions with a large percentage of successful hits. If you have enough experience, do not be afraid to scalp, here there are all suitable conditions for this. Many times the tried and tested MetaTrader 4 terminal is configured for all desired parameters. Unfortunately for someone, the broker does not have other trading platforms. In addition, there are no intertrader tournaments, competitions, contests, or some enticing trifles such as promotions and bonuses. I think time will tell, something new will appear.

At first, I did not understand the differences between brokers, everyone seemed to me look the same. With experience, I learned to see the speed of execution when opening / closing transactions, lags, intentional errors and system bugs. With one broker, I pierced with the stupid analytics, the other one constantly overstated quotes. By trial and error, I went to a young broker Key Markets. What are the obvious advantages. Profitable successful analytics, knowledgeable support, optimized trading process. The ordering is fast, the system works well, without failures and sags. Standard tools, but quite sufficient for quality work. Static spreads, there is no broker commission for replenishment and withdrawal, quotations coincide with market indicators. Broker provides customers with four tariff packages. Even a novice can open an account at a basic level, the input threshold is $ 250. There are about 50 key currency pairs and a large selection of traded positions.

Came to open an account with Key Markets broker three months ago becouse of friendly program and for the company. However, I am not a trader at all, rather an observer. I have no experience. For the time being I just sit and watch how trade bots work for me. A friend helps, I consult with support, and I myself develop. Consultants are very patient and polite by the way))) I have my personal manager here. He helps to get rid of the feeling of constant panic, and saved a couple of times from large money draining. I can tell you a little about trading conditions from what Ive already figured out. The broker does not rush to fill the site with entertaining content, there are no macro and demo accounts, training videos. For me, this is a minus. And in the pros of static spreads, you can build a strategy and work quietly, there is a large selection of items of trade, high speed of execution and a reliable system.

A few months ago, I chose a new broker and stopped at Key Markets, and have not regretted it yet. Fast withdrawals, transparent conditions do not change at the whim of the company. All initially stated rules are respected. I have no doubts about decency of the broker and the technical support staff. Managers work with full dedication, competently answer all questions and behave tactfully and respectfully. Each client has a pesonal manager. Sometimes you have to ask for help, but more often I cope myself. High speed, successful scalping, not frequent requotes and slippage, there were no disconnects. I prefer automation, especially in stormy periods, and trade with bots. The broker works only with real transactions, no demo accounts. For me, this is just an additional advantage. There is an opinion that demos most often are used by kitchens. Also here are static spreads. One big drawback is few opportunities to communicate with support and it is not always possible to get through the first time. Hopefully, over time, online support chat will appear on the site.

Just before winter, I connected to a young Key Markets broker. Briefly, the company has a very cool backbone of experienced stuff, management and well-designed work system. Now it would be good for this skeleton to build up meat in the form of a comfortable site. And also to expand the list of methods of communication with support, the choice of tariffs and all sorts of utility for the client. IMHO, not enough now. No tournaments, competitions, promo