Exness is a platform that provides you with the chance to explore the latest trading solutions while relaxing back home. The platform is available on all the devices available to you. If you are a newbie to this trading field, then there is no better option other than this. It is so because it is extremely easy to use and understand. Moreover, it comprises some of the cutting-edge trading abilities, low latency connectivity and some exceptional liquidity which allows it to become one of the best trading platforms of the modern world. The platform has made a mark in a very limited time period, and just as the platform has grown into a trading giant in such a short time, it allows you to become a trading giant in a very limited time period.

This modern world provides you with thousands of options for forex trading, but Exness is one of the top platforms of the world. The company has been leading from the front when it comes to forex trading. The company came into being in 2008 and has a vast understanding of traders needs thus we have got everything that they are looking for. It is the reason due to which it has become one of the leading forex trading company in the world. The company always works hard to provide one of the best trading conditions that are available on the forex market. This allows you the chance to realize the actual professional potential of forex trading fully. The website of operated by Exness Limited, (registration number 21927 IBC 2014). Exness Limited is an International Business Company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Exness (Cy) Ltd is a member of the Exness Groupauthorised and regulated byCySEC(Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission),License number 178/12. Exness (Cy) Ltd operates the website The website operated by Exness (UK) Ltd, which is registeredFCAin England and Wales under Companies HouseRegister number: 08861481.

Exness (UK) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number: 730729.

Following are some exceptional features that you are going to get along with Exness:

The platform provides you with exceptional options such as Tight spreads, no commission on deposits and withdrawals. In addition to this, you can also get high-quality order execution, a huge variety of instrument options. All these features get together to make Exness a perfect trading platform for people all across the globe.

Exness has one of the best reputations in the world. It is so because it guarantees the safety of our consumers funds. In addition to this, they also allow your prompt fulfillment of our financial obligations.

Exness provides the best service among all other forex trading platforms that are currently available in the market. We safeguard the fact that our customers do not face any difficulty in deposits/withdrawals and we have professional customer support that provides you support 24/7.

The company is on the top because it provides customers complete information regarding the service the company offers. The policies and procedures that Exness follows are very simple straightforward and complies with legal requirements.

Exness is a company that always works hard to ensure they provide the best service all across the globe. The company always tries hard to improve and expand its services.

This platform is easily accessible as there is no minimum deposit for basic account type and requires no commission for deposits and withdrawals that allow our services to be accessed by anyone who is intending to use forex trading.

Exness is a platform that provides you with the chance to create two types of accounts on this platform. Following are the details about both types of accounts.

The platform provides leverage that goes up to 1:2000

The platform provides you a spread that starts from 0.3

It doesnt require any commission on trading volume

The platform provides leverage that goes up to 1:2000

The platform provides you a spread that starts from 0.1

It doesnt require any commission on trading volume

Exness realize the fact that you need a portable platform which allows you to trade while on the go. The forex trading platform is available on the web as well as mobile. It is so because each and every platform provides unlimited access. Exness is available on iOS and Android and allows you to trade on the go irrespective of the brand of phone that you possess. Being one of the best forex trading platforms of the modern day makes it a perfect choice for everyone around us. Following are the platforms which are supported by Exness.

Exness provides its customers the chance to use MetaTrader 4 terminal for forex trading. It is rated as one of the most useful and functional trading platforms that is recommended by professional traders. This platform has become a standard in this modern era.

Metatrader 5 is an improved version of Meta trader 4. This platform has a much-improved interface, productivity and performance. In addition to this it is a multi-functional platform that allows great freedom in navigating the financial markets.

Exness also provides you the chance to trade on the web version of the popular MT4 trading platform.

Exness is one of the best platforms of the modern day and allows you to trade and earn without facing any hassle. This company allows you to process client withdrawal request within a few seconds. If we look at other forex trading companies we find out that they take minimum 24 working hours to 72 working hours for the withdrawal process.

The website offers two types of deposit and withdrawal options which include commission free and instant methods. Following are the Deposit and withdrawal options that are available on our platform.

Exness is one of the best forex trading platforms currently available in the market. There are several reasons behind the success of this platform, but the major reason behind its exceptional success is the Customer service that it provides to its customers. The customer service is based in Jakarta, Indonesia who are always interested in allowing your customers the support in numerous languages. It allows you to access customer service 24/5. The customer service handles around 2000 inquiries a day and also resolve issues every five minutes at an average. It is proof that this customer service posses some exceptional capabilities. The company provides you several different platforms where you can access them. These platforms allow you to access them through Email, live chat, and toll-free phone lines provide access. You can also access the platform through market news, research, and a convenient economic calendar.

You can contact us on the following numbers to get support

Mon Fri, 10:00 02:00 (nextday)BST

Exness is a platform that is the top choice for newbies because all the traders are well aware of the fact that the platform is authorized FSA. It has been just eight years since this platform has come into life and we are amazed to see the response it is getting from its customers. Our customers always trust this platform, and that is the reason due to which it is available in 100 countries in such a small time period.

Another reason due to which this platform has become one of the top choices of people all across the globe is that they provide you with ease of use. When you are counted among the top platforms of the world, it is important that your platform is easy to use. It is important that you can easily access the platform without needing a professional. Once you start trading on this platform, you will surely not get disappointed because it provides you a highly interactive interface.

Exness is a platform that is majorly dependent on the exceptional spreads. This is a platform that is dependent upon a non-dealing desk STP/ECN broker. This broker provides you the chance to get exceptionally tight spreads that initiates from 0.2 pips. The amazing spreads on this platform allow you to be part of this platform without any delay.

The exceptionally fast transactions also make it a perfect option for customers who are interested in forex trading. This platform provides exceptionally fast execution because of its posses the top class hardware among all other trading companies. It is the reason due to which we have got so much success in such a petite period of time, and we will continue to work hard to become a more effective trading platform.

You canregisteronExnessthrough the sign-up procedure available on its website or you may simplyregisterbyclick here.

It depends upon what kind of account you are using. If you are using aMiniaccount, then you require $1 deposit while in case of aClassicaccount deposit needs to be $2000 and forECNaccount deposit need to be $500.

Exnessprovide the best customer service all across the globe, and you can get support in different 12 languages.

Available on MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, mobile trading platforms, MT4 WebTerminal.

There are different options available for the customers onExness. Following is the list of options available.

Following are the trading features that are available on this platform

Exnessis one of the leading forex trading platforms of the modern era and offers you the option to create two types of account which are mentioned as follows

You can get further information about the accounts in the article above and onExnesswebsite.

Yes, you can chat live with customer service representative onExnesswebsite.

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