AvaTradehave been awarded the best Japanese forex broker award. Known for their innovation in the online forex trading industry. Theyve been operating since 2006 and now have a presence all over the globe. Created as a partnership of both experts in eCommerce and financial professionals with a financial markets and trading background, AvaTrade have perfected the online forex trading experience for their clients.

It has taken only a couple of years for the company to expand massively throughout the world. They have over 20,000 registered, live forex traders on their book and in terms of volume, execute more than 2,000,000 trades per month. To put this into perspective, their total trading volume is more than $60 BILLION per month. Some huge numbers for a forex broker.

With professionalism in their management ranks, the companys trader focused perspective, combined with rock solid financial stability, AvaTrade are a true industry giant. Its this size that allows them to employ a full multilingual support desk for their clients, able to address any problems that their clients trading on a wide range of platforms may come across.

With their administrative headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, AvaTrade are a true multinational company. They span every timezone and trading session, with regional offices and sales centers in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney.

Clients of AvaTrade are able to trade forex, commodities, indices and even some stocks. So whether youre an experienced forex trader or a novice, AvaTrades adaptable trading platforms and services provide clients with the right balance of simplicity and sophistication. Its no wonder that AvaTrade have earned a crazy NINE other industry awards since 2009 alone.

The vision of AvaTrade is to stay committed to empowering people to have the confidence in their infrastructure and operations, to reliably trade forex. Clients of AvaTrade know that they are supported by industry leading, personal customer service by employees with true integrity. Something you cant always say when youre dealing with forex brokers, for example fromloosely regulatedjurisdictions.

Not only a forex broker with a customer focused vision, but also AvaTrade are a company who are dedicated to a set of core values. These core values define the relationships that they forge with both the traders on their book and partners such as forex affiliates. A company that is guided by their values is always something to be respected.

Japanese forex broker regulation is unique. Having been established back in 1998, the Financial Supervisory Agency was renamed the Financial Services Agency (known as the FSA). With their head office in Tokyo, the agency has become the peak industry body in Japan, overseeing Japanese forex brokers.

Providing stability of the financial sector, regulating the banking sector, as well as looking after insurance and exchanges, the FSA has a broad reach in the country. They are directly responsible for the security and consistency of the Japanese forex broker industry.

The FSA have more recently tightened their grip on control of Japanese forex brokers, while still keeping them in line with international standards. The FSAs tasks do not differ much from supervisory tasks in Europe and Australia with a primary focus on transparency, competitiveness, stability, trust in the market and fair conditions. The FSA will always act in the best interest of the forex trader when it comes to dispute resolution.

Japans advanced, first world economy and forex market provides Japanese forex brokers and trader with top quality opportunities and security depending on which side youre on. The FSA actively enforces the laws and regulations protecting the forex trader who trades with Japanese forex brokers.

FSA regulated, Japanese forex brokers are highly trusted within the forex trading industry thanks to their strict regulatory requirements. If a forex broker based offshore wants to allow Japanese forex traders to trade, a FSA license must be acquired. The FSA have been very strict in this regard, issuing warnings against other forex brokers who have tried to court Japanese forex traders without the proper Japanese forex broker regulation.

The FSA does not tolerate or approve of licenses acquired abroad, even if the brokers have a regional office in Japan. Whether this protectionist policy is good for the local forex trader however, is still up for debate.

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