know of any? most of the good ones ICmarkets pepperstone etc dont take US citizens.

I see a lot of people on this thread recommending US traders go to Offshore unregulated brokers. I couldnt advise more against this.

Even if you can open an account with them it doesnt mean you should.

Because these brokers are unregulated they have no oversight to ensure you are receiving fair trading conditions. Also, should anything ever go wrong, such as not having your withdrawal processed, there is no one you can turn to. There is no recourse for their potentially improper actions which should be a major red flag.

There are a few regulated brokers in reputable countries that will accept US citizens.

Why are US citizen so limited by brokers? Cant the broker that offer high leverage just give the US clients a 50x leverage account and not offer CFDs like what is the big deal?

It has to do with tax laws. The US government (IRS) claims to have authority over anyone doing business with US citizens. Rather than risk the wrath of our government, nearly all brokers just tell Americans to fuck off.

their mobile app is shitty though… can they connect to mt4 mobile?

nooooooooooooooooooo theyre shutting down retail forex

That only is it you setup an offshore company and then use that to register. But most brokers are no longer accepting this if a United States citizen owns more than 25% of that company.

Even brokers like FinFx quite accepting US traders.

Just because they may be regulated in Cyprus doesnt mean they are regulated in the US for US clients.

I dont want to dive into the subject, but if you want the closest thing to a broker that isnt limited by the U.S. laws and will actually take U.S. citizens your current 3 best and practically only decent choices are Tallinex, FxChoice, and Tradersway.

Yeah right… Unregulated brokers (or garbage offshore regulation aka CySEC, IFSC,etc…) When everything turns to shit, traders will have nowhere to turn to. Great advice mate……….

Anybody who deposits at an unregulated broker should be ready to get fucked in the ass at any time!

I use Tallinex and have successfullly withdrawn profits from them.

The best option is likely to open with FXCM but ensure your account is setup NDD. They have a minimum deposit requirement for NDD now, unfortunately …

$2k for ECN. Ive been with FXCM for a few years and never had a complaint.

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