We review Forex trading platforms and compare between them, in order to help traders find the best selections for their needs. Its a fairly complex and technical world, and were happy to help.

eToro is best known for social/copy trading, however those interested in trading manually can do so using either eToros mobile or web-trading platform. Those who engage in manual trading at eToro can earn significant commissions if they manage to pick up eligible real money copiers.

The worlds most popular trading software, is first and foremost supported by the majority of brokers, unlike other platforms that are only supported by a small portion of brokers, leaving clients with little options to move.

The sheer size also makes it very easy to find communities to aid you with things like the building of EAs.

To top it all, it has the best market indicators, easiest charting area, and provides hedging and multi-hedging options not existing on MT5 and other platforms (View comparison).

Leverate has done a good job at making a very user friendly platform with inbuilt social trading and news functionality. The platform is super easy to use and will certainly appeal to newer traders, however the platform doesnt boast some of the advanced functionality found on other trading platforms. The mobile and tablet platforms are pretty impressive with HTML 5.0 making the platform compatible with a huge range of devices.

The ProTrader platform is a very impressive effort which I can see many traders appreciating. The developers of the platform have really thought about how to design a comprehensive platform which appeals to serious traders. The only thing which appears to be holding ProTrader back from becoming a major contender is the lack of brokerages which currently support the platform, until a wider range of brokerages begin offering the platform to their clients.

Despite some of the impressive features of the platform, only a limited number of brokerages offer the platform to their traders and often only to those who meet certain predefined requirements. Additionally, while the platform provides support for automated trading the size of the NinjaScript community is relatively small meaning there are less readily available trading scripts for those who do not want to write their own.

The plus 500 platform is another solid choice. Though broker diversity is limited toPlus 500 broker, the platform itself is pretty good.

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