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Why Is the Forex Market So Popular Among Traders?

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The foreign currency exchange market has become the largestand most liquidtraded marketworldwide, with adaily trading volume in excess of $5 trillon. The unique characteristicsareflexible trading opportunities, lower trading costs, andprogressively moretransparency have made thismarketone of the most popular ones in recentyears. This market has a lot of operations centers in different parts of the world, with London in particular and Europe being the center of it all. If you are also interested in investing your money in a well-established platform, the Forex marketcanindeed bea goodoption for you.

TheForex marketis a market in which fortunes have made and lost. Some of the biggest names in the history of trading have navigated the market with great success, likePaul Tudor Jones, George Soros and StanleyDruckenmillerto name a few. Sadly, there are also stories about retail traders who have been burned with unserious brokers. So, be careful and choose a reputable broker for a good foundation for your trading success. With no further ado,lets jump right into the review!

There are many reasons for the popularity of the Forex market among traders. Few of the reasons are:

The trading cost of this market is much lower than the other market. This feature has made this market accessible to many.

The traders will get real-time trading experience from any part of the world. As this is a global market, people can trade money from different time zone

This market allows you the opportunity of investing borrowed money, which means you can trade money on margin. So, the market is highly leveraged for the traders.

As the traders can access any data and information on this market, they get a transparent picture of everything from this market.

One can access to this platform from a registered account. You need to have an internet connection and a valid account to start your transaction.

The traders are free and flexible to trade any currency in the market.

So, these are some common reasons why people like Forex trading.

One cant start trading just having aForex account. If you want to make money and succeed in the global markets, you will need a trusted Forex broker. Choosing the best Forex broker is often tricky as there are many operating Forex brokers in different countries. If you are looking for the best Forex broker in Europe, you should understand the requirements of the European Forex market. Your investment style is also a determinantfactorforchoosing the right Forex broker for you. Different Forexbrokers are operating in the European market. Some of them are:

In this article, I will discussand evaluatetheBest Forex Brokers in Europe.

Choosing the right broker canpotentiallymake your investment decision amoreprofitable one. You will need to select a broker who will meet all of your trading needs when you start investing in the global Forex market. FP marketsisagreatchoice of Forex broker for both experienced and beginnertraders.Thisproviderwill provide you the most reasonable pricing with the most flexible trading facilities. With a considerable number of products and high execution speed, this is so far one of the best Forex brokers in Europe. Possibly the superior European FX provider at the time being.

If you are looking for a trading platform that will meet all of your trading needs,FP Markets provide plenty of opportunities. First of all, they offer the widely used MetaTrader4. Moreover, you can also trade with the MetaTrader5 platform, a web-based platform and IRESS.You can even check your portfolio on the go from your smartphone.

FP Marketsis flexible for every kind of trader. One can get different types of trading platforms in this market. One can keep track of the transactions and investments easily with this platform. Some traders want to try the various trading platform for the experience. This is the perfect marketplace for those who are looking for different platforms at a time. One can access to the virtual private server or multi-account manager where the multi-account can be controlled with a single device and platform.

FP marketsalso provides a great feature of mobility to the users. Now one doesnt need to stick to the PC for any transaction. With the mobile phone application, anyone can access the marketplace anytime from anywhere.

This well-respected broker holds an impressive five-star rating onTrustpilot.

Please note: 74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money when doing CFD trading with this provider.

eTorois one of the most popular premium Forex providers in Europe with leading trading platforms, especially when it comes tosocial and CopyTrading. As this is a highly regulated Forex provider, traders can enjoy flexibility and reliability while trading onthis platforms. In Europe, this trading platform is registered and regulated by FCA. So,eTorois authorized to operate in European countries.

Traders can use different financial instruments to trade in the financial markets, such as commodities, Forex, stock indices, cryptocurrencies and more. Many traders and customers are engaging in this network every day. Now more than 5 million traders are tradingwith this broker. For the wide popularity and mass access, it has become a leading investment and trading network in the world.

This platform offers some great features to the traders. One of the best features of this platform isthatit has a large cryptocurrency community, which is probably the most significant in the world.

As a trader, you will get the leverage of maximizing the returnsof your investmentsin a short time. WitheTorostradingplatforms, traders can easily speculateonmarginor leverage,take high-riskpositions, both long and short,within a wide variety of markets.

Theminimumdepositwiththisbrokeris comparatively lower than the other foreignexchangetrading platform. If you are a premium member of this trading platform, you will enjoy different benefits regarding the transaction and other features of thisFX provider.

Another fantastic feature of this currencybrokeris testing oftheirfree demo account. With thisdemo account, you can test different features and functionalityofeTorosplatforms.Traders areevenallowed to open an Islamic account through this platform. eTorois also available on a mobile platform. IOS and Android users can easily use this platformtotradewherever.

Trading witheTorois quiteeffortless. You need to sign upontheeToro website. Providing your name, e-mail, and other details, youcan then easilyregister a new account. Once completing the registration process, you are good to goand ready for your online trading endeavor. Youwillhave to deposit an initial amount to starttrading.

ThougheTorowas established initially in the irregulated and scattered marketplace, now it is highly regulated. But the authority of this brokerage is working tirelessly for the improvement of the security of this market. It also offers a wide range of tools and features for the traders. But along with taking all the facilities, traders alsoneed tokeep in mind that this platform is not suitable for trading cryptocurrency yet.You can, however, buy and sell different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, using a credit card or PayPal. No wallet is needed and there are no added commissions.

Please note: 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

As anAustralian based Forex broker, ICMarketshas started its operation recently in the European marketas well. Traders around theworldhave the opportunity to access the global market with different instruments like currencies, commodities, and so on.

ThisFX brokerwas established inthe year 2007. Since then,theyhavebecomeone ofthe most trusted and popular automated tradingprovidersfora wide range ofusers. Depth ofthemarket, ladder trading,theautomated close of trades, and other so many trading tools are availablewithICMarkets. Withtheirmobile apps,buying and selling financial instruments directly fromyourmobiledevice isdone with ease. So, those who want to trade using the mobile platformshould definitely visit their website for in-depth understanding.

So, thisbrokeris becoming accessibleforthe peoplein Europe and offerslow trading fees. Opening an account and trading with thistop Forex provideris also quite easy and user-friendly.Their product offerings are already wide and will keep on growing in the coming years.

Note: 76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Plus500 is one of the leading Forex brokers in Europe. Apart from European countries, this broker has theiroperationsin many other countries except the US.With Plus500, youcan choose fromtwo types of accounts. One is thedemo account, and the other one is thelive account. With a demo account,youcan get the idea of tradingwithout risking your own money.On the other hand, there is low barrier to entry for their live account, only $100 in a minimum deposit.

Trading with thisFX brokeris secure and hassle-free.Inaddition to currency markets,traders can trade in different markets using theirplatforms. Some of the products you can invest in with this market are CFDs, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrency, and so on.

Theirtradingplatformsareavailable in different versions for every level of users. These versions allow the traders to get accessed from any device anytime. Depositingmoney into a newly opened account is done easilywith VISA, MasterCard, and other options as well. For withdrawals, there are some rules and regulations which should be maintained by the customers properly.

The traders will get customer services in different languages 24/7. However, they dont provide customer service over the phone.

So, Plus500 is a highly regulated broker in Europe. Trading with this platform is highly secure for its regulatory body. Thus, the traders can be assured about the quality and safety while trading with this broker.

Please note: 76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Another popular and leading online currency brokeravailable in the European marketis theFxPro. ThisFX provideroffers more than 250 financial instruments with 24/5 trading facilities.FxProhas beenoperating in the UKand Europe since2006 and becamea market leader in a short time. Clientscan trade directly from over 150 countries through theirplatforms. The headquartersof this broker is located in London.Theyarealso regulated and authorized by the FCA.In addition, apart from Europe, this broker has authorized operations in many other countriesand continents.

For trading withFxProyou can deposit an amount as low as $100. However,FxProadvice its clients to deposit at least $500 initially. The traders get the opportunity of trading on margin, which give great flexibility with lower initial deposits. However, for margin trading there might have some requirements based on different account types. While trading withFxPro, you will need to know that some charges are associated with it. Butunlikesome other Forex brokers on the European market, there are no withdrawal fees.

The fees of this broker are very comparative to the other available financial providers in the market. Comparing to the number of customers, the complaint rate is quite low, which means the traders are satisfied with the serviceprovided by FxPro, and this is quite an excellent achievement for all.

If you are a new trader and want to invest your money with thiscurrency broker, you can certainly open a demo account where you will get virtual cash for trading and understanding the marketplace properly.

The traders can get a lot of educational resourcesas well, which can help them to learn to trade properly. One can also get a lot of information from the website too. As a customer, you will gettop-notchsupport and securitywith this broker. Theymakecustomer securitytheir utmostpriority.

So, overall, theFxProtrading platform is a good one. They are working continuously for the satisfaction and enjoyable experience of the traders. The best customer support, transparent fees, and a well-organized structure have made this platform most popular among the people.

Please note: 77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and Spread Betting with this provider.

AvaTradeis a Forex brokeramongtheskilled and experienced brokers. Theyhave beenproviding trading servicessince 2006.AvaTradeexecutes more than twomilliontradeseach month with over 200,000 customers globally.In addition, the trading amount is increasing day by day. Its headquarter is located in Dublin, and its regulatory body is situated in Europe.

With AvaTrade, trading in multiple organizations is possible. Asproviderhas different local regulatory bodies in different countries, traders get confidence while trading with this broker.

Different instruments, including Forex, commodities, equities, bonds, stock, etc. can be tradedon theirplatforms. Traders caneventrade the most sought-aftercryptocurrenciesas well. This Forex brokeragealso allows 24/7 trading facilities to traders. The minimum amount required for trading cryptocurrenciesontheirplatform isa manageable$100. A trader can get leverage up to 20 times tradingequity at AvaTrade.

Opening account withAvaTradeis quite easy. You will need to go to thewebsitefor opening account. Providing and verifying the personal information, you will be able to start trading immediately after making the wire transfer. While setting the base currency, you will need to be very careful as you cant change it later.Here it may be of interest for traders to choose their home currency, reduce their overall currency risk exposure. The Euro may hence be of interest to European investors, and the Pound Sterling from British investors. Additionally,AvaTradeis offering accounts to both individualsandcorporate users.

A fantastic factor aboutAvaTradeis it often offers a welcome bonus to the new clients.AvaTradealso has an Islamic account, which is regulated by Islamic Sharia Law. You can also go for the demo account initially as it provides the real feel of tradingwith no risk of losing money.

Debit or credit cards can be used for depositing an amount in theAvaTrade. However, depending on the payment type and mode, it takes time for completing the procedure of depositing. Sometimes it takes a few business daystocompletethe operationall together.

If you are talking aboutAvaTradefees, usually, the costs are less thanwithothercomparable brokers. Sometimes the prices are zero, which is a significant relief for the traders, and is a good contribution to the bottom line. However, for the three months or prolonged inactivity, this providercan charge youaninactive fee.

AvaTradeis a popular trading platform which is offering a seamless investment option for the traders.

Note: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

So, in conclusion, there are a lot of different Forexbrokers in the European market. We have, throughout this article, tried to lay a good foundation upon which you can calmly draw your own conclusions about which one isthebest Forex Broker in Europefor you. Every currencyproviderhas some positive aspects and drawbacks. Depending on your trading style and investment type, you will need to find the best Forex broker for your own criteria.

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