I started trading Forex instruments back in 2016, for two years straight i struggled to get the perfect broker that i could trust and also fulfilled my checklist. I opened accounts with over 15 different brokerages, each and every time i could get different sorts of disappointments: from withdrawal delays, terminal lags, high spreads, poor customer services etc

This affected my trading to a very large extent, to a point that I was almost giving up on what i loved doing the most. I decided to give it a break, as i was fully convinced that Forex was a scam. But you and I both know we as humans like to put our blame on everything even on the most minute scale of our mistakes, for five months i was constantly reading books on trading and the psychology involved as well as doing deep research on the top most appreciated brokers.

My five months of self evaluation and research paid of when I decided to giveRoboForex professional services on Forex marketa chance to repair my broken trust. The reason why i chose them was because they had over 5 different accounts from 4 different platforms, tight spreads, no commissions, eye catching leverages and most of all regulated. But what caught my attention was the minimum deposit requirement of $10 and the welcome bonus which gave me a chance to test their services out. All I did was deposit $10 and even if I chosen to withdraw immediately after depositing, the welcome bonus still stood, essentially I had free startup capital.

For a whole year i did not have any complaints, the customer service was always on point, withdrawals were the fastest feature I had ever seen, instant trade executions, they literally had everything a trader could ever wish for, till now my experience lacks any flaws

The demerit i can point out is the 1:2000 leverage offered on the cent and standard accounts which can be very risk,I would advise to only go for it if you are an experienced trader, but all in all you have the freedom to adjust it.

For all the traders out there striving to achieve success and financial freedom what i can tell you is to prioritize building a relationship with a trustworthy Forex broker, you never know, one day you can make millions but youll be unable to withdraw.

If so, kindly share this to someone who is looking for a quality broker, thank you for your time and best of luck in your trading career