Trading on currency markets (Forex) all over the world can be for some a huge risky activity, or a gold mine for others, but for sure, most people regard this almost like gambling. A matter of luck. Nothing more further from the truth. This if you choose to let the specialists handle it for you. And theres no shortage of that.

The currency exchange is the largest financial marketbusinessin the world, with daily transactions of trillion USD. So just imagine the opportunities out there. Based on the total number of currency traders and the amounts of money transferred, one can verify the fast price fluctuations. This determines numerous opportunities to exchange foreign currencies, however, at the same time, this is incredibly volatile. However, if you want to take your chance on Forex market, we have selected 30 best of the best platforms and brokers that you can get in partnership with. Following are the best companieswebsitesfor forex business –

It combines award-winning technologies and personalised customer service for one easy and flexible online trading experience. They trade on a variety of markets, no matter the level of customer experience, with personalized assistance for each market type.

This broker has been operating since 2006, with main offices in 11 countries. They have a wide variety of trading platforms for web, desktop, mobile terminals. They provide an unique feature called Vanilla Options that grants customers the right to purchase or sell amounts of a specific instrument at a determined price over a pre-determined period.

They go from major currencies to exotic pairs and offer access to the entire world of Forex. Their customers get a whole, professional experience on the currency market.

It is an operator with over 35 years experience in spread betting and Forex trading. This broker responds to needs of traders either beginners or advanced. It allows fast access and operating systems as well as easy and secure payments and withdrawals.

Is best suited for low cost, active traders. It has been on the market since 1989 and it has become one of the leading retail Forex brokers with over 60,000 clients all over the world. They enable access to a large variety of features such as price movement and technical analisys, over 95 technical indicators, chart types and drawing tools.

Its an innovative platform that has an unique approach towards currency trading. Here strategies are considered as financial assets on the basis of a net asset value going up to 100.

With an experience since 1999, they offer traders competitive prices and access to 64 Forex pairs on a platform which supports algorithmic trading. It has the advantage to be compatible to a lot of other operating systems and devices. They grant transparent trading, negative balance protection, online account opening and a credit/debit card funding.

This is a platform dedicated to beginner traders. It has costs a bit higher than the average, but this is immediately compensated by their research and analysis features, which stand out from the competition crowd, as well as by the ease of operating on it.

It has grown in just a few years up to 9 million users in the entire world through a very innovative platform. It keeps on being one of the greatest social networks at international level, in over 170 countries. So if you want to join many others on this highly volatile market with big chances to win, this is one of the best platforms.

This is a veteran on currency trade markets, being founded all the way back in 1965. With over a five decade experience, they work with the best partners in this area and provide for the best and complete information and data on the market.

As a very fun miscellaneous fact, they are a sponsor for the football winnings team, Real Madrid. But aside this, from a professional point of view, they are majorly focused on granting customers unique services, a continuous great experience, a website in 18 languages and client support in 13 languages.

It is a great low cost platform, designed for very active traders. They grant access to a variety of powerful trading platforms based on flexibility and speed. They have a global research team which continuously identifies all information on Forex market that will ensure top forecast for price movements and trading opportunities.

It is considered a pioneer in development of online Forex offer for retail traders. They offer the beginners an interesting feature, entitled Free Practice Account, which allows you to open a preliminary account where you can practice trading Forex, bitcoin, gold and CFDs, risk free, with 50,000 virtual money.

They have been among the industrys leaders for the last 12 years. Their main value of action is to take compliance and safe management of clients assets. The platform also takes pride in having one of the best technologies at a global level.

Their motto is making Forex trading more professional, easy-to-access and secure. They were the first Forex broker that brought ECN (Electronic Communications Network) trading to its clients.

It holds regulatory licenses all across the globe. This is mainly due to its competitive prices, very reliable customer service. However it has less performing Forex research tools. This platform sets solid foundations for its customers on Forex market, both for retail and institutional clients in over 170 countries.

This is a long term player on currency markets. Founded in 1977 it grew an everlasting solid reputation as an experienced broker. They are a leading global corporation with a large portfolio of businesses.

This is widely considered to be one of the top brokers on the market. They have been in this business since 1974, so thats a lot of experience. They let everybody know that their success is built on the fact that they act with utmost speed, as they are aware that on this market each moment is important.

One of the oldest Forex brokers out there (since 1977) are famous for their competitive commission rates. They provide 115 currency pairs and they present themselves as having one of the lowest costs per higher revenue and premier technology.

This is a Chinese large scale organisation operating with multiple business functional palletes. As Forex brokers, they grant customers proved quality and professional qualification, multiple solutions to enterprise transactions, individual investment plans, all by use of cutting-edge technology.

Another platform for beginners, that focuses on personalized counseling and solutions. It allows you to connect several accounts and to easily operate transfers between all these.

They provide a platform for Forex traders available on desktop, web, mobile app as well as secured conectivity to third-party platforms. It is a global trusted service that grants personalized solutions for each trader. They also provide tighter spreads and flexible pricing within premium accounts.

Their motto sets up their strategy to minimise the costs to maximise customersprofits. They also trade on Forex market with some of the lowest spreads in the industry.

This is one Australian origin Forex broker, maybe more recent than others (founded in 2010). However it operates with high amounts of funds daily (an average of 8.3 billion USD). They have gained a solid reputation due to their connectivity to a lot of third-party platforms. They assist both retail and institutional investors.

The element defining this platform as opposed to its competitior,s is its long-distance strategic priorities. They focus on constant innovation and the best experience for the user, as well as on a very wide and versatile offer.

This trading platform has 25 years of experience on Forex markets. This is mostly dedicated to advanced traders. It is intuitive, with flexible apps both for PC and MAC. They have a transparent pricing structure, volume-based fees which supports the increased activity. It gives an impressive amount of over 180 Forex spot pairs options.

This platform offers clients access to products of all types, their services are not limited to trading, but also involves wealth management, and specialized counsultancy. They provide clients with all types of financial tools, charts, market analisys etc.

They are mainly specialized in cryptocurrency area, however they also provide one of the most reliable, trustworthy Forex trading platforms. They also have very good prices, accessibility and flexible professionals. Their customers benefit from great fund security at no extra costs, fast execution and tight spreads.

Its a Polish, global renowned company, assessed as one with the best results in 2018. This platform is easy to use and personalize, it operates very fast, it enables andvanced market analysis system and statistic charts.

The platform offers a good amount of 55 currency pairs for over 700,000 clients, and over 1 trillion USD traded monthly. They can really take pride in holding an over 20% of the leveraged Forex trading in the world.

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