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Late last week, the Australian research firm Investment Trends told the media that she had finished its review of the retail forex market, the US.

To understand what is happening on the American forex scene in March and April of this year, Investment Trends surveyed approximately 12,000 investors in the retail market (hopefully they did not lie when answering questions, all right, we were joking!).

According to a survey by American traders have a favorite broker and is – no surprise – FXCM, one of the giants of the Forex market is not only the US but also around the world: 26% of respondents put this broker traders headed lists holistic satisfaction. FXCM is still ranked first in terms of quality of customer support and educational services (to be honest, we have experience of client support answers not quite perfect, but the staff is probably just doing what we need).

FXCM has won first place in the ranking of another – this size. Here is a ranking of the size of the brokers US

To evaluate the brokers, traders used 21 parameters such as functionality, service and price. It would be interesting to note that 88% of the survey participants indicated that they were very satisfied with the services of your broker. This is not surprising, as each broker in the United States makes an extra effort in the competitive market to attract and retain customers.

Forex market is the United States: the most mobile in the world forex market

According to a survey by Investment Trends, 115,000 Americans traded in the forex market at least once from April 2012 to April 2013. It shows a decent activity – but it still shows a low level of assimilation in the adult population of the country – only 0.05%. For comparison, the result in Australia 0.31% and 0.15% in the United Kingdom.

But the US in the lead in terms of mobile commerce: Investment Trends survey showed that more than 60% of US trade with traders moblnogo phone and / or tablet. This level is very high, meaning that worldwide only 10% of trade is done with mobile devices.

Most traders who participated in the survey admitted that they use mainly for mobile commerce applications to check the status of their accounts, but the number of traders who use these applications to put warrant increases.

FXCM – global provider of online Forex (forex) trading services and related services that its customers around the world.

At the heart of FXCM is the fulfillment of NDD. Another advantage is a large set of liquidity providers, enabling the broker to provide very favorable spread for major pairs. Customers can take advantage of mobile trading, one-click trading and trade with charts in real time.

The British subsidiary of FXCM – Forex Capital Markets Limited, offers CFD products with no re-quotes and trade oil, gold, silver and stock indices along with forex on one platform. In addition, FXCM offers educational resources for forex trading and free news and market research through m.

і:Forex brokers in the USFXCM: Best Forex Broker USThe regulation of the Forex market in the US

Ive included a list of thehighest ranking forex brokers:

Here is a list ofmoney makingforex instruments:

Hopefully these lists are benificial to you…

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Late last week, the Australian research firm Investment Trends told the media that she had finished its review of the retail forex mark…

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